About Us

Our mission is multifaceted in its aspects with ever increasing and fluid markets. Royal Prima Petroleum (RPP) will continue to increase its innovation and technology to better serve our community, our clients and our employees.

We are committed to safely taking care of our environment to provide the extra measures needed to fully and thoroughly secure our project sites. RPP is focused on increasing our crude oil exploration and production, thereby increasing profitability for our community, our clients, our company employees as well as the long-term benefit of our shareholders.

Royal Prima Petroleum and its team understands the importance of diligently providing our community and clients with the best service and products our industry can provide.

Our knowledge of the industry, and our ability to strategically visualize its applications, provides us with the ability to logistically and economically maneuver in a multifaceted environment. RPP and its associates are focused on North American growth.

We endeavor to deliver increased returns by maximizing recovery and minimizing costs through continuous technological and innovative improvement.

Some Stats

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Our Team

RPP’s team is among the best in the world with individual experience of 30 plus years in their particular field. Our engineers, drillers, operators, transporters and logistics teams are among the most dedicated and experienced professionals in the industry.





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