Energy Trading

We do physical trading of aviation fuel, fuel oil, crude oil and liquid natural gas (LNG).

Aviation Fuel

Physical Trading of Aviation fuel through domestic and international channels has its own intricacy. Therefore, each transaction is specifically customized to their individual attributes. Aviation fuel has specific chartists and must be logistically planned prior to purchases and sales.

Royal Prima Petroleum helps our purchasers and sellers navigate these obstacles to a profitable outcome.

Fuel Oils

Physical Trading of Fuel Oils includes ULSD, Fuel Oil #2 Fuel Oil #4, Fuel Oil #6, and Marine Diesel Oil, to name but a few of our more stable products. However, due to these factors, fuel oils are in high demand and are used for a wide range of products. This is reflective in the economic profit margins which tend to be stable but small.  

Royal Prima Petroleum helps it buyers and sellers with other options such as logistics and storage

Crude Oil


As Crude Oil’s price starts to increase, stabilization occurs and drilling becomes more viable. This creates a chain reaction of events and increases trade domestically and internationally.


Physical Trading of LNG: Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is in very high demand with ever-increasing global usage. The rapidly expanding demand for LNG is one that is evolving daily.

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